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Top Most Hijacked Cars In South Africa In The First Quarter In 2018

Vehicle tracking company Ctrack has released it hijacking and crime statistics, detailing which passenger vehicles and SUVs  are being targeted by criminals in South Africa. According to the report, the most hijacked passenger vehicle in South Africa is the Volkswagen Polo. As a result, Volkswagen, followed by Toyota and Ford were the most targeted manufacturers […]

9 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Are Guyanese

Guyanese people are everywhere. Seriously. I live with them (they’re my neighbors above and below me in Brooklyn), I work with them (I’m sure you know Lauren Fox), my friends date them, and in New York alone, they’re a pretty large population. Through my Guyanese acquaintances, I’ve learned that some very well-known celebrities are also […]

List Of the Top 10 Best High Schools In Jamaica To Watch Out For In 2018

The rankings are based on the performance of schools in obtaining five (5) or more subjects in the most recent CSEC examinations. The figures are calculated based on each secondary school enabling their cohort at the end of their 5 years of statutory education, to leave grade 11 with a minimum of five (5) subjects […]

Los 10 mejores restaurantes en Colombia para el año 2018

Descrita como variopinta y diversa, la cocina colombiana refleja la historia del país con influencias indígenas, españolas y africanas. La variedad de suelos y climas ricos en Colombia produce una amplia gama de productos únicos y sabrosos que se abren paso en los vibrantes restaurantes y cocinas del país. Desde establecimientos de clase alta y […]

2018 Forbes Las 10 personas más ricas de Colombia | Hay un nuevo número uno

10. John Leguizamo  John Alberto Leguizamo (/ ˌlɛɡwɪzɑːmoʊ /, born July 22, 1964) [1] is an actor, voice artist, comedian, film producer, playwright and Colombian-American screenwriter. He rose to fame with a co-starring role in the comedy / action Super Mario Bros. (1993) and a supporting role in the crime drama Carlito’s Way (1993). Other notable roles […]

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