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Top Best 11 International Schools in Georgia In 2018

11. German International School Tbilisi The German International School Tbilisi, founded in 2010, is part of the network of 140 German Schools abroad and supported by the Federal Republic of Germany. The school is currently offering kindergarten, pre-school and school (grades 1-6, from September 2016: 1-7) in German language according to a modern German curriculum.

Top 5 Richest People From Georgia In 2018 And How They Made It

Georgia was never distinguished by many of its citizens counting themselves among the rich. Her economic development, size of her market and, of course, political situation denied her such a luxury. This is why an absolute majority of those Georgians whose income numbers in the millions, generally lives abroad, mainly in Russia. Allow us to present […]

Top Expensive Schools In Trinidad And Tobago In 2018

The country of Trinidad and Tobago has a high literacy rate with education free and compulsory between ages 5 and 16. There is free tuition from Kindergarten to University. The Government of Trinidad and Tobago also provides free transport, books and meals to students of primary and secondary age. The education system in Trinidad and […]

10 Incredible Rock Formations In New Zealand

10. Pancake Rocks It takes a while for good things to come about. In the case of Pancake Rocks, it was 30 million years! Loacted in West Coast, these heavily eroded limestone rocks in bizzare shapes feature fascinating vertical blowholes.

9 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Are Guyanese

Guyanese people are everywhere. Seriously. I live with them (they’re my neighbors above and below me in Brooklyn), I work with them (I’m sure you know Lauren Fox), my friends date them, and in New York alone, they’re a pretty large population. Through my Guyanese acquaintances, I’ve learned that some very well-known celebrities are also […]

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