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These Are The 10 Best Restaurants In Singapore In 2017

Has it ever occur to you as to which restaurant in Singapore is the best so far in terms of services and yes their mouth-watering food. Today we are bringing to you the best restaurant in Singapore and yes do well to share it with the rest of the world for them to also know […]

Top 4 Youngest Richest Billionaire In Singapore In 2017

Rome they say was not built in a day and yes the same applies to riches. Over the years, young men have been able to carve a business niche for themselves. Today we bring to you the top four richest youngest billionaire in Singapore. 4. Koh Wee Seng – $1.1 Billion Source of wealth: Real […]

These pictures show how Cape Town looked in the 1940s compared to today

The face of Cape Town has changed significantly over the decades, but the Mother City has always been one of South Africa’s most eye-catching locations. Established as part of a vital trading route between Europe and the west in the 17th century, Cape Town would become South Africa’s first proper settlement, developed largely by Dutch […]

Top 13 American Celebrities Who Are Real Africans & Traced Their Roots| #3 & #8 Are So Surprising

People with ancestors from all over the world live in the great nation, United States of America. Some of the Americans seek to trace their roots. For some it’s a fulfilling endeavor. Technological advancements have made it possible to achieve this endeavor successfully. Several African American celebrities have successfully found their African roots thanks to […]

5 Most Valuable Forwards In The Premier Soccer League In 2017

A players value is dependent on his performances, so it comes as no surprise as to who made the cut. Values are based on the Transfer Market. A shocker in that list is Bernard Parker who did not set the scene alight, another concern is his age, well into his thirties and in the autumn […]

Jacob Zuma Named Among 10 Least Educated President In Africa In 2017| Number 2 Will Surprise You

Many studies have proved that educated politicians tend to make better politicians than those who are not educated. Highly educated leaders can easily lead their nation towards prosperity. Not all African leaders received higher education. Some of them don’t even have high school certificate or diploma. We look at the 10 least educated African presidents.  9) Denis […]

5 Most Expensive Football Players In Thai Premier League

In football a player’s worth is measure on their performance and contribution to a team rather than age. However, age does player a part when a player is exceptionally talented and still at the peak of their game. These are the 5 expensive players in the Thai Premier League thus far. 5. Adul Lahsoh – […]

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